Sunday, March 27, 2011

TEMPORARY HOME PAGE: From Soprano to Bass, a Parade of Voices!

Greetings opera-lovers! I am back from my holiday in Singapore. I saw a fantastic performance of The Lion King at the Marina Sands Theater. It was wonderful to see a world-class performance in person, a rare treat in this part of the world.

Over the next couple of weeks, or perhaps months,  I would like to compile a cross-reference guide that will focus on singers and their particular voices. This time, in addition to posting the same aria for comparative purposes, I will also be posting arias that these singers are famous for, thus, presenting to you a variety of voices that will span the complete operatic repertoire, with attention to the historical period in which these pieces of music were composed. The larger goal (within a couple of years) will eventually lead to the creation of a website and a home page.

As Rome or even opera houses are not built in a day, I will continue the discipline of setting "smart goals" for myself and working on a particular group of singers each day, Thus, you will continue to see postings announced either through Facebook or e-mails titled "Soprano Sunday, etc." I have rearranged the days on what voices I am working on. Feel free to wander through my blogsite at will: a lot of it will still be under construction, so I advise you put on a hard hat. Safety first!. Here is an outline of my blog for the next couple of weeks. Everything will be cross-referenced. Page titles are in bold print. I will only create a direct link once the "page" is more or less finished.:

   (1.1)  Coloratura Soprano
         (1.1.1) Lyric Coloratura Soprano (OLYMPIA - "The Doll Song" Offenbach, Tales of Hoffman)
         (1.1.2) Soprano Leggiero, Var. Lyric Coloratura (NORINA - "Cavatina" Donizetti, Don Pasquale)
         (1.1.3) Dramatic Coloratura Soprano (NORMA "Casta Diva"- Bellini, Norma)
    (1.2) Soubrette (BLONDCHEN - Mozart, The Abduction from the Seraglio)
    (1.3) Lyric Soprano
         (1.3.1)  Light Lyric Soprano (MUSETTA, Puccini, La Bohème)
         (1.3.2)  Full Lyric Soprano (MIMI, Puccini, La Bohème)
    (1.4) Spinto Soprano (AIDA- Verdi, Aida)
    (1.5) Dramatic Soprano
         (1.5.1)  Soprano Robusta or Dramatic Soprano (NORMA - Bellini, Norma)
         (1.5.2)  Wagnerian Soprano (BRUNNHILDE- Wagner, Die Gotterdammerung)
     (1.6) Intermediate Range between Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano
         (1.6.1) Dugazon or Darker-colored soubrette (JENNY - Boieldieu, La Dame Blanche)
         (1.6.2) Falcon or Darker-colored soprano drammatico. (RACHEL - Halevy, La Juive)

     (2.1) Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano (SERSE - Handel, Serse)
     (2.2) Lyric Mezzo-Soprano (CARMEN - Bizet, Carmen)
     (2.3) Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano (DALILA - Saint-Saens, Samson et Dalila)

     (3.1) Coloratura Contralto (ROSINA- Rossini, Barber of Seville)
     (3.2) Lyric Contralto (CORNELIA - Handel, Julius Caesar)
     (3.3) Dramatic Contralto  (ERDA - Wagner, Das Rheingold)

     (4.1) Treble or Pre-Pubescent Male Voice (ORPHANS - Bizet, Carmen)
     (4.2) Falsetto (SWAN - Orff, Carmina Burana)
     (4.3) Countertenor -Coloratura (RINALDO, Handel, Rinaldo)
     (4.4) Countertenor -Lyrical (CHERUBINO, Mozart, Marriage of Figaro)
     (4.5) Countertenor -Dramatic (CAESAR - Handel, Julius Caesar)

    (5.1) Lirico-Leggiero Tenor or Coloratura Tenor (COUNT ALMAVIVA - Rossini, Barber of Seville)
    (5.2) Lyric Tenor (RODOLFO - Puccini, La Bohème )
    (5.3) Spinto Tenor or Lyric-Dramatic Tenor (CANIO - Leoncavallo, I Pagliacci)
    (5.4) Dramatic Tenor (CALAF - Puccini, Turandot)
    (5.5) Heldentenor or Heroic Tenor (SIEGFRIED - Wagner, Siegfried)
    (5.6) Tenor Buffo or Spieltenor (MIME - Wagner, Siegfried)

   (6.1) Bariton or Baryton-Martin (PELLEAS - Debussy, Pelleas et Melisande)

   (6.2) Lyric Baritone (PAPAGENO - Mozart, The Magic Flute)
   (6.3) Kavalierbaritone (DON GIOVANNI - Mozart,  Don Giovanni)
   (6.4) Verdi Baritone (GERMONT - Verdi, La Traviata)
   (6.5) Dramatic Baritone (SCARPIA - Puccini, Tosca)
   (6.6) Lyric Low-Baritone or Lyric Bass-Baritone (FIGARO - Mozart, Marriage of Figaro)
   (6.7) Dramatic Low-Baritone or Dramatic Bass-Bar. (HANS SACHS -Wagner, Die Meistersinger)
   (6.8) Baryton Noble (WOTAN - Wagner, Die Walkure)

   (7.1) Basso-Cantante or Lyric High Bass or Lyric Bass-Bar.(MEPHISTOPHELES - Gounod, Faust)

   (7.2) Hoher Bass or Dramatic High Bass or Dram. Bass-Bar. (BORIS - Mussorgsky, Boris Godonov.)
   (7.3) Jugendlicher Bass (COLLINE - Puccini, La Bohème)
   (7.4) Basso Buffo or B. Bel Canto or B. Lyric Buffo (DON BARTOLO - Rossini, Barber of Seville)
   (7.5) Schwerer Spielbass or Dramatic Buffo Bass (DALAND - Wagner, The Flying Dutchman)
   (7.6) Lyric Basso Profundo (OSMIN - Mozart, The Abduction from the Seraglio)
   (7.7) Dramatic Basso Profundo (HAGEN - Wagner, Die Gotterdammerung)

Ten sopranos, three mezzo-sopranos, three contraltos. five counter-tenors, six tenors, eight baritones, and seven basses make forty-two examples of voice ranges, plus roles, in opera.


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