Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wed-II. Birgit Nilsson - Liebestod

Just in case I get a heart attack from listening to the Liebestod, I want to make sure, that first of all you all hear Swedish dramatic soprano Birgit Nilsson sing Mild und Liese. Listen to the overwhelming power of her voice. Sadly, when I listen to this, tears overwhelm me and sweep me away in its rushing tide. This is a good piece of music to listen to when thinking of something really, really sad, like a death in the family or any of the tragedies of our times.

This is healing music: when the music peaks, it washes away your grief in a swath of tears. The Greeks called this very human experience catharsis, also spelled katharsis. It was Wagner's intention to recreate and bring back the Greek theater, who used their epic plays to bring catharsis or healing to their communities, especially those communities affected by war or natural disaster.

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